Founded in 1977, Elliott manages two funds, Elliott Associates, L.P. and Elliott International, L.P., with assets under management totaling more than US$38.2 billion.

Elliott’s investors include pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, hospital and university endowments, charitable foundations, funds-of-funds, individuals and families, and employees of the firm.

With tens of millions of beneficiary stakeholders located on five continents, Elliott’s primary focus is on risk control, stability, and steady growth of capital. With 42 years of experience, it is one of the oldest hedge funds under continuous management. Today, Elliott has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo and employs a staff of 470 people, including 166 investment professionals.

Elliott is a multi-strategy fund, carrying out a diverse range of investment activities. Its strategies include actively managed equity investments in which Elliott’s objectives include promoting shareholder value and good corporate governance for the benefit of all shareholders.